Playlist mystery

I looked forever to find an automatic playlist creator that would create and place them in the individual album directories; I learned to do it with MP3Tag 2.41, thanks to a great program and this fine forum.

BUT, my UpNP server (Twonkymedia on LaCie Ethernet Big Disk) refuses to recognize and display playlists created by MP3Tag, although it immediately displays those created by Winamp. When I look at either type of playlist with notepad, they are textually identical, space for space, except for the number after #EXTINF: is always different. See attached screencap of my Diff file difference detector for an example.

If I open a playlist created by MP3Tag in Winamp and then save THAT playlist in the original folder, overwriting the MP3Tag one, the server displays it within seconds. :flushed:

Any ideas why this could be? Is there some kind of code embedded in playlists, other than the text? Is the number after #EXTINF: somehow messed up? I'm totally stumped by this one.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

That number shows the length of the song in seconds. Maybe the length that Mp3tag computed is not correct and your server has a problem with that.