Playlist name format question

I am trying to create playlist on my SD card connected to my PC. The drive letter is F. When I hit Ctrl+P in mp3tag I get a pop-up for the name of the playlist like this:

F:\Britny Fox\mp3tag.m3u

In this case the playlist in the "Britny Fox" folder will be named "mp3tag.m3u". However, I want all of my playlists to be in the top directory F:\ with the name of the artist as the play list, like so:

F:\Britny Fox.m3u

This accomplishes having multiple playlists with different names. If I leave the default settings then all playlists will have the same name "mp3tag.m3u" and that would be problematic if I moved the playlists to a master playlist folder later after creation. And I can't figure out any combination of changes to the Tools -> Options -> Playlist section that would accomplish this. Every playlist I create I have to delete the "\mp3tag" portion of the playlist... not a problem for one of two playlists, but I will be creating over 300 of them. Is there a solution that I'm missing?

As mentioned in the playlist documentation, you could use playlist-specific placeholders for your playlist name.

Hi and thanks for the quick reply.

Do you mean like this:

I'm not sure I did it correctly because the result comes up once again like this:


You have to use the exactly correct syntax:
(add an underscore between % and playlist)

Hi yes I caught that and was just replying about that.
However, it still gives me the same result.

You can try to use a fixed path, like this as "Filename of playlist"
F:\%ARTIST% - %ALBUM% - %YEAR%.m3u
Just replace the placeholders with values you want to use.

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That worked perfectly! Thank you so much for your help and patience!

Best regards,

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