Playlist over several folders

Hi folks,
my music is organized in folders.
Now, I want a playlist of my favorites. 20 songs from mix, 51 from seperate albums, 2 from German, ...
Works fine on a computer. Doesn't work on TV or smartphone. Error. Can't play file "filename1", Error. Can't play file "filename2", Error. Can't play file "filename3", Error. Can't play file "filename4", ...
I already marked the option %folderpath%%directory% and "Save path relative to folder".

My files are on a NAS. What I want, is to be able to open and play my favorite music on every device. Ok, I could copy all songs into a folder "favorites". But it mut be possible the other way round, or not?

Several possible problems:
a) Are you sure, that your TV or smartphone have (enough) access rights to your files on your NAS?
b) Open your playlist: What kind of file path do you use? Something with driver letters like M:\MyMP3?
Or UNC like \\MyNAS\MyMp3? Does your TV or smartphone understand and support this?

Try to write an example playlist manually with only one single entry until you find the syntax which works for all your devices.

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thank you for a reply that fast!
Hm, unfortunately it is not that easy...
TV and Smartphone have access, as I am able to play a folder.
One single entry works, as long the device (android) seems to take the first folder as root.
Here is a part:

\\tsunami\music\musicals\Cats\01.) Overtuere.MP3

#EXTINF:318,Cats Live - Jellicle Songs für Jellicle Katz´
#EXTINF:249,Michael Jackson - Bad
\tsunami\music\Album\ZZ Top\Love Boys.MP3
#EXTINF:220,ZZ Top - ZZ Top live

Unfortunately my smartphone shows like Can't open ""


"" points to your own device. This IP-address is the so called loopback device.
Your phone seems to search your tracks on the phone itself.

Do you say the single entry
\\tsunami\music\musicals\Cats\01.) Overtuere.MP3
works on your TV and your phone or not?

Good morning, yes this worked.
And it looks like everything else, too.
The solution was to uncheck "use relative path".

Now, mp3tag uses the whole absolute path, which is fine for TV and mobile. Not for totally shure, but I'll check soon.

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