Playlist sync with USB stick

Can I, with MP3TAG, sync mp3-files in a playlist sync with an USB stick to be played by my car-radio??
The playlist divided over multiple folders to be navigated to??

What do you mean by "sync"?
You can create a playlist from the currently selected files (or all of them) - see "File" menu for that.
You can copy files to another folder - See "Edit" menu for that.

Mp3tag does not compare the files in a playlist with the files in a folder.
It would be the other way round:
You select all the files you want to copy to the thumb drive, copy them, read them from the thumb drive with MP3tag and create a playlist there.

Here's a program that can sync your library or selection of playlists/smart playlists from iTunes to a USB or even and Android phone if that's any good. mp3Tag only deals with tagging. It can move and copy files but that's only manual.

This tool or another one similar would be better to use. Or google 'Sync playlists wih USB'

Download DT program here:

I indeed had DoubleTwist, DT, succesfully sync a few mp3 files to an USB stick from a short playlist in iTunes; although I not exactly understood what was happening.
When I later added a few more files to the playlist and pressed the Sync button again, DT suddenly not only synced my entire music collection with the almost empty USB flash drive, read deleted the collection on my laptop, but also emptied a.o. the Downloads folder; also removed the content of the Favorites folder; which contained, among other things, links to Google Drive and Dropbox as well as the contents of Dropbox as well in the local directory as further in the cloud.

The deleted files are not in the Recycle Bin.
My MP3 collection I had, fortunately, backed up.
Does anyone has an idea, what is exactly gone not well here ??

I have another laptop where the Dropbox files will be still in the local directory, but I fear that they will be off-synced as well, as soon as I connect with the Web site ??
What to do?? is another one.

It's much quicker than DT at parsing the library file.

My iTunes Library.xml file is not in the standard location and it picks it up just fine.

  • It's also got conversion tools to lower your kbps and even one option for FLAC from M4A.
  • Selections of playlists/smart playlist.
  • Profiles
  • Different naming/folder hierarchy conventions.

The last feature you need to pay for the folder hierarchy your after which is up to you. Even 1€ would do :slight_smile:

The only thing is missing is autostart and transfer when your device is connected but that no biggie. But I guess that what the donations are for. For further dev. Drop them an email and I'm sure they'll add that. Bugs seem to be quickly fixed with it.