Playlist Syntax Takes Only One Variable

In Tools/Options/Playlist I tried to enter a Filename of playlist as:
%artist% - %album%
but it turns into an error "SYNTAX ERROR IN FORMATTING STRING".
I can get rid of the error by choosing only one variable, but this limits the naming functionality a tad. Please can you make this option as flexible as, say, the "Convert" options, which will accept a wide range of variables in one string.
Thanks for a great program, by the way!

Cannot confirm your observation.
What does the question mark help info say?
What placeholders are possible or not?
Try again with a format string, which has no syntax error.


In the past I created playlist using the format _%_directory%.m3u where my directory (folder within my music folder) was Artist-Album and there was no issues for me. But since moving to Windows Media Player as my music player I have dropped the creation of playlist mainly because I have much more flexibility within WMP.