Playlists - Assignment of genre

It would help immensely if MP3Tag was able to assign a genre to a playlist

As a playlist is generally nothing more but a plain text file with references to other files, I wonder where you see the place for "genres" in a playlist.
Could you explain in more detail?

Yes. Thanks for listening. My albums for the most part are organized by Sonos and that has a genre built in. So I can choose my music by genre. In Windows 10, there is a shortcut pinned to start so I can launch a playlist named by album_name - artist name. So when using file explorer to browse all the playlists, each representing an album, I cannot choose music to play or to organize unless I organize by genre. But now, they are all blank

Quite honestly, I do not understand the setup.

Why do you need playlists to define albums? This data should be stored in the field ALBUM and the player should be able to group according to this field.
The same would apply to genres.
Or could it be that the tag fields are not filled at all?
Otherwise it should be as simple as it could be to filter for a certain genre and then, if it should still be necessary, create a playlist from this list of files that have all the same genre.

Again, thanks for listening. I may try to use another field. Consider this closed.