Playlists for devices

This may be a stretch for MP3Tag to support, but I've been trying to make a playlist for the car and MP3Tag gets me most of the way to what I want, just not quite the full distance...

So. I want to make a playlist of songs from all over the place. My usual trick is to copy what I want to a folder on its own somewhere, then use MP3Tag to designate all the songs as belonging to the same album (eg "Tim's Best Rock Songs").

Then I want to sort out the order. This is the bit I struggle with. I've taken to renaming the files with "nn - " as a prefix, where nn is the intended track number, then using the filename to tag conversion to get the track number into the tag, and going from there.

The playlist I've just made by that means is a Christmas themed one. 106 songs. 106 files to rename. Tedious.

So what I'd like MP3Tag to be able to do is let me take the current file list, shuffle it randomly, let me drag files around into an order of my choosing, irrespective of any current tag information, then rewrite the track numbers into the tags so I can get my files in playlist order.

Is that possible?

If I understand what you mean Mp3Tag can do all this.

  1. You can load files with an existing filellist (m3u) with dragging the filelist into Mp3Tag.

  2. You can shuffle your files randomly. Just click in the main window (list view) on the headline of the file-icons in the left upper corner.

  3. You can drag files to a place that you want. Just mark it and move it with ALT-Left mouse .

  4. I can see no need to rewrite tracknumbers or nename files. A playlist is created with Mp3Tag in the order that you see in main-window (list view).

This process does not look very elegant.
As @poster described: you can do most of the reshuffeling stuff and even saving bit with MP3tag.
The big question is: does you player understand playlists? and another big one: which sort criteria does you player use?

If it is really necessary to rename the files I would not do that with the function "Convert > Filename - Tag" but like that:

I would use the function Convert>Tag-Tag
First save the original track number into a user-defined field:
Convert>Tag-Tag for field ORIG_TRACK (you have to type that in as this is a new field name)
Format string: %track%
Then get the new sequence number. You can either do that with the track numbering assistant or use the function Convert>Tag-Tag again, this time for field TRACK
Format string: $num(%_counter%,2)

The point here is trying to make a playlist work in a player that doesn't support playlisting. Sorry, maybe I should have made that more obvious.

So I need to write the files to disk in a specific order, which means I need to be able to sort the files in the order I want in my file manager, which means I need the tracknumber at the front of the filename.

This does not have to be the track number.
Once you have the correct order in MP3tag (with the functions that @poster described)
you can use the function Convert>Tag-Filename
Format string: $num(%_counter%,3) _ %_filename%
This writes a sequential number in front of the filename without tempering with the orginal track number