Playlists from Directories



I loaded my directories (each represents different album),
now I would like mp3tag to make playlist for each separate directory.

How to accomplish that?,

I have already searched the forum. there was a post like that earlier.
the answer was use: "CTR+SHIFT+P".

Well - It creates the huge playlist for all files - not playlists in each individual directory.

What I need here is simple "FOR DUMMIES" step by step instruction.




Hi Leslaw!

  1. Load some directory with subdirectories into Mp3Tag.
  2. Sort the list by filepath
  3. Press "CTR+SHIFT+P"
    4.++ Give a name for each playlist with album you've selected and press OK.
    Last. Enjoy



yeah - finally I managed to accomplish that.

what I can say? I think (since I had 500 directories) the main issue was to hold "SHIFT" key long enough.

Because I tried about 10 times with about 30% success, 70% it has just created big file.

Just my way of thinking about it...

Also it doesn't handle well nested directories, for instance

well - I am using automatic renaming:

%_directory%\00 - %artist% - %album%.m3u

I have
then .m3u for CD1 and CD2 will be generated in "Directory_root"...

overall of course great!!!



Here is my suggestion for nested directory situations if you use the same naming convention on your folders. I make this the default in the Options.

D:\My Music\%artist% - %album% - %_bitrate%kbps\00 - %artist% - %album%.m3u

Of course you can change the variables to suit your situation. :slight_smile:


For playlist name
%_folderpath%00 - %artist% - %album%.m3u
should be the best solution.

How long the Shift Key is pressed doesn't matter.


Or you could just use this shell extension called Mp3ListShellEx

Just make sure after you install it the you go into your context menu, select "Create with Mp3ListShellEx > Customize" and then check the "Seperate list for each folder" on the first tab labeled "General".

You won't find a better application for making quick lists than this! :slight_smile: