Playlists not being created correctly?


When I make a playlist of selected files in mp3tag, it sometimes makes winamp 2 and 3 crash... when the playlist is loaded, winamp has like a super fast random selection on, and never actually plays a song because the selection just skips form song to son really fast... then winamp crashes, i have tried this with both winamp 2 and 3, and have done a reformat of my computer. not that i was expecting the reformat to fix it, but i just needed to do it! lol


and i have a suggestion to add.. I think it would be really cool if you added a way to have mp3tag make a .txt file or .html file of your album directory tree, with the option of including/list the actual .mp3 files and the other junk that is tossed in when you dl an album? so that way you can print out your list of albums to share with friends or people wanting to trade with you.


Seems that you're creating playlists with absolut filenames. Try to enable the option Playlist, Entries relative from working directory.

Regarding the "print-album-overview" suggestion you might have a look at File, Export.

~ Florian


yeah i have messed with file export before, but its not what i am looking for, i need something that will set it up in tree view, and it only work when you are in a dir with songs in it...
all of my albums are in seperate dirs. i have like 2000 albums so when i try to change to the "albums" folder, i have to include sub dirs and that takes 4 years to load that all up..

i need it to just place the name of the dirs in the html file, maybe an option for the things inside the dir like the mp3s and the sfv files, but i dont see how to do that.?


It's not possible to list information about sfv, jpg, txt, html, ... files in an export file, but if you set up a html export file, you can link to these files by using a consistent naming scheme.

To export only directory-names you can enable the No double data records option and setup a new export configuration which only uses the %O placeholder at RECORDLINE01.

To optionally export track information add some additional RECORDLINExxs and use the placeholders described in Mp3tag's help file.

If you have any problems setting up your export configurations please don't hesitate ro ask.

With best regards,
~ Florian


ok i created the new export configuration, and i read the help file, but i am confused on how you get it to put one dir on each line? currently it just puts a space between each dir name and makes it tough to read?

Another ? is how to you make it export all my dirs with out having to "change dir" and it loads all like 100 thousand of my mp3s? that still takes way too long..

also when that is figured out, how do you make them print on a single line, in alphabetical order..?


what i am getting at here is i want it to look like this in the html file...


yes those being only the dirs, can ya direct me in the way of how to do that? It would be nice if i could also include the dirs prior to the ones my album dirs are in, it would look something like this..

blink 182

and so on? is this possible?


Please extract this file into your export configuration directory (you can find the path of this directory at Options, Export).

It's not possible to include the artists folders into the export file.

~ Florian


thanks a million!!! this is exactly what i was looking for.. but i cant seem to get it to export them in alphabetical order..?


Please try this export configuration :slight_smile:

~ Florian


ok i havent tried your new export file because i have to wait like 20 minutes for it to reload my mp3's.. you should make it so you can export with out having to be in the actual dir that your mp3s are in cuz this loading and reloading them everytime is getting old..

ok just tried the new alphabetized version, and its wonderful!


You can disable reading tag information by enabling the option Options, General, Don't load tags at directory change.

This way it's much faster :wink:

~ Florian


you are a god! thanks for the help!

ps, i like the switch to IPB!


You're welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, I like it too. It's a little bit odd that the current skin doesn't fit to Mp3tag's corporate identity :laughing: but the board software itself is 1000x better than YaBB.

~ Florian