Plea for WAV Support
As in this older discussion, I also would also like MP3Tag to support WAV fmt/LIST chunk tags. I would also want APEv2 tag support for WAV files.


Yes please, I guess if we keep on asking...

Now that Foobar2000 supports wav file tagging since V1.1.9 that's as close as it comes to being official maybe?

Other software that supports it -



Why not take advantage of a lossless format like FLAC?

Not trolling here I promise, I'm genuinely curious what advantage using WAV directly could hold; to me it's is just an intermediate format when it's necessary to edit the audio itself, not for metadata or archival storage.

I realize disk space is cheap but it's not free, and I can't say I've ever had an issue with decoding time, unless you're storing chunks that are hours long. . .

There are some situations (e.g. some broadcasters) where wav is the only acceptable format (yes wav as opposed to bwav which is also used). I assume it is simpler for them to use wav for archiving just to avoid the conversion times, regardless of disk space cost.

It is also the most platform/OS/codec agnostic format. Sometimes you might want that.

The fact that more and more software is supporting it means there must be a demand. It has certainly been requested here more than once.