Please ADD: Album Artist and Disc Number


Im not sure if it's always been there, but you can insert Disc Number. If it's not always been there, thank you for adding it.
Also Album Artist is called band in this program. I think it's wrongly named, but it's there so thats all that matters.
So thank you.

I love Mp3tag...its one great program. I'm just frustrated with the fact that it does not allow you to input Album Artist or Disc Number. I mean, COMMON, those are important. And NO, i don't mean the Artist tag. Album Artist is something different.

I have a bunch of ministry of sound albums, but each song in an album is under a different artist. This is why there is a thing called Album Artist. In WMP Artist are sorted as Album Artist by default and in Itunes you can chose to sort it by album artist.

And the Disc Number is important because when you have a multiple Disc album, itunes sorts the albums based on that information. when that information is missing it puts the same track numbers next to each other in alphabetical order.

In both these cases i have to use Itunes to then add the information, but it's painful. Please add these features ASAP, it will just make your program up to date with TWO of the three most used players out there (ie WMP itunes and Winamp). plus when DJing i find it a little difficult to find songs when those two tags are not there.

Also, it would be nice to see a seperate box for total tracks instead of the xx/xx format. This is because when you rename the files based on that it actually puts it as xx/xx - artist - track. I don't want that, and i'm sure i can find others that feel the same way...but this is not a big deal.

Once again, great job on the program!! Even with these two "flaws" its still the best out there.


The Album Artist I believe should be in the Tag Panel, otherwise singles in a lot of albums show in separate album in iTunes. You can set the Album Artist in iTunes, but then seems to forget the tags when you reimport the files into iTunes...

Was about to add request for this and noticed this request!


@ iamstoopid

I think you need to take a look at this to get a better understanding about what you are asking. I do all my tagging for mp3. m4a, and FLAC and I have had no problems tagging my files since looking at this list and having a better understanding of how tagging actually works.


You can also always add whatever fields you need to the columns and the tag pane.


yah, i figured those things out like i said. However i would still like to see the total amount of tracks and the total amount of discs as separate fields in mp3tag like it is in itunes. its not like it's that important however

thanks for that link however. Its pretty useful


For track numbers:
You can return 4 from 4/17 by using $num(%track%,1). You can return 17 from 4/17 by using %_total%.

For disc numbers:
You can return 1 from 1/2 by using $num(%discnumber%,1). I don't think there is something like %_total% for disc numbers, but you could use $right(%discnumber%,$sub($strrchr(%discnumber%,/),1)).


You can add discnumber to both your tag panels and customized columns.

Don't be surprised, ITunes might also store disc and tracks as #/total and use expressions like Sebastion's (and THX for that, SM) in their code.

How bizarree, I'm contemplating all this a month later than Iamsostupid, while dealing with ministry of sounds. Check the fields composer and publisher too. Maybe not too important but I wonder if they have anything to do with "compilations' which is a mystery to me.

Of course WMP is EXPLORRE based (as to album art as folder.jpg, at least - unless it also mixes in embedded albumart), Winamp is albumname.jpg based, and Itunes appears to require embedded images. Is it best to embed one imafge each MP3? I guess I gotta go back and rename albumname.jpg back to folder.jpg in each album/folder?

The freedb function is nice but I have carefully ripped using whatever is hardwired in WA and IT and then freedb 'updates' would overwrite as follows ...

title artist
title/artist various.

MP#tag could split the title artist on option after the "/" I suppose?