Please an easy way to edit the filter history

see e.g. this thread

Hi @ohrenkino ,am aware of these so called "solutions" but again a proper way to edit and control filter history does not exist. I think this is something that needs to be improved.

My history contains probably more than 1000 entries, i think it's imposible to edit or pick some of them without spending many hours.


I doubt that there is an easy way to maintain a list with a thousand entries and that appends itself automatically.
As with all feature requests: it is not up to me to implement or reject any of them.
But I dare to show functions that are already there or suggest workarounds ...
Like e.g. in this case: It should be easy to let the filter history fill itself as it likes just as it does now.
But for the user that has a set of useful filters or finds that a particular expression is something worth keeping, I still see the text file from which you can copy & paste those special filters and discard all the others in the filter history if that becomes too congested.
I see that it is a bit awkward to navigate to a folder and then open that individual filter text file.
So: what about a tool that opens the Windows Editor plus that filter text file.
This would lead to an almost click-of-a-button function plus you have a positive selection (as you add only those filters that are worth keeping) and can also add comments that allow you to find filters better.

All this until a different built-in function is implemented.

@ohrenkino i know it's not up to you to fix/implement everything that has been requested here.
i respect your contribution and all the help you are offering.

Finding middle solutions is a way to somehow resolve some problems but it's not a proper solution.
My problem is that now i struggle to identify all the useful filters i usually use because there are somewhere in that list.
Anyway all i can do is to hope that this will be solved soon!

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Perhaps make it possible to lock the history from further filling?

Then you could use your most wanted filters before locking, thus creating your desired list.

Lock history would be practical in the Action menus too.

The best way, in my opinion, is to store the filter content in separate and redactable file, as export MTE's, instead of the config file. And other things could be doing so, too.

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I will bump this request, please implement Florian!

I will also give my previous request from 10 years ago a bump :slight_smile:

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I myself have suggested a simple ability to rearrange order of entries in the history of filtering expressions

while also having some thought about list cleaning options

One more solution could be a similar way as "Actions" working. Having a menu with our own descriptions/Names.
But we have no reaction yet from the developer about it.

It would be nice if we had a state about it. If there are plans to improve that function.

I can totally understand that it's nice to know whether a feature request is considered or not. I myself am a user of software and have proposed features (even for this forum software). Staying in the dark about whether our idea will eventually be implemented or not is not what our minds like.

However, over the years of being a software developer (especially as a Freeware software developer) I've noticed that I'm not able to comment on every feature request. This has two main reasons. First, often my resources are bound to a totally different feature that I'm implementing right now, or issue that needs to be fixed, or DevOps task that needs urgent attention or — tax declarations. So in such situations it would set a false tone to react quickly on the proposal and — because resources are bound elsewhere — in the worst case, brush it off and simply move on. Second, I often don't need this feature personally. This doesn't mean that it's not useful. And using myself only as a source for decision whether a feature makes sense or not would be not beneficial.

It also would be fatal for the software if I'd jump in and implement most of the requested features right away. Mp3tag would be a funny creature if I did so. I've made some of these mistakes early in the beginning and had to clean up some of the mess I've created. But I'm still carrying the burden of features which I cannot remove easily.

I'm also refraining from posting a template response to every feature request. I think something like "Thanks for your suggestion. We might consider it for a future release." would be not respectful.

What I do instead is to read most of the posts here and see them as a source of potential ideas for improvement. It takes time. It's a slow process. I notice the likes that are given by means of hearts to a feature request (this one is doing pretty good by the way).

Then I see topics that get crowded with links to other possible improvements and feature requests that might be somehow related to the initial requests. This makes it harder to follow the original idea (this one is doing pretty good, also in this regard).

I'm keeping a private internal wish list where I put ideas that make sense. I also see many ways of improving the Filter, and I like the idea of an easy way to edit the filter history.

But I don't have a public ETA for where I put my attention to.


I can totally understand your writings @Florian .My purpose wasn't bad.

I didn't expect nothing more than i saw it, i have some ideas, and i may make some changes in the future.
Of course i don't think that something will be implemented straight away, this would madness, i know that new features need to be tested and changing or adding code could break some other functionalities.

I respect all the work you've done since now, for FREE. Mp3Tag actually solved many problems i've had with my files and i use it on a daily basis since am a DJ and i have to tag my tracks to make my life easier.

All of you here are really helpful and @ohrenkino is the guy who is always here to help everytime we need him.

Once again i respect your work, you and every each of you contributing to this project.


Sorry to bump this old thread, I'm just hoping this feature will make it to the top of Florian's wishlist some day. [edit] I'm just bumping this because[/edit] this is the only thread he has replied on.

While not at the top of the list of features requested here I would like to see implemented, I also think this would be helpful. Luckily, autocomplete helps a bit and I can usually remember enough to get the string going. Ohrenkino's suggestion is a feasible workaround.

I completely understand Florian's opinion and I really appreciate that he even took the time to write it. His sentiment that a canned response would not be respectful speaks volumes to his integrity. There are so many requests and only one guy developing. It totally makes sense that Florian works on those he finds most important, even though that may not be in line with that which is most requested. He has the most intimate of knowledge and inherently the best insight of what may lead to the most improvement without introducing the caveats he discussed. I also believe we would all work on what we would find most useful first if we were developers of software we used.

I do understand SpirosG's intent and hope that those who are so gracious and generous with their help do not misunderstand these requests for anything other than what they are: requests.

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I've added an option to manage the filter list, including named filters, bulk remove, and reordering with Mp3tag v3.14b.


This is HUGE! Thanks Florian.

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This is a great addition to mp3tag, thank you for continual efforts to make this program even better @Florian !


I can't begin to tell you how useful this filter history manager has been already, in just the past 24 hours. Not only can I easily name and save filters I commonly use, but it also makes it easy to highlight and remove anything that was a quick one-and-done process from the history list. And adding the description field will really help long term for those filters that stay in the list for use in the future, to remind me what I built it for the first time.

So thank you again! :+1:


Loving this new feature. Absolutely brilliant.

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I have no words!

Thank you so much for this @Florian!

:clap: :clap:

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