REQUEST: filter cleaning modification

I would like to propose a small change for the filter box

Now, when using "Remove all from history...", all previous searches are removed plus whatever is written in the filter box. And I think that this "Remove all from history..." should still clean out all of history but: retain whatever is in the filter box at the moment. That way it would still remove all from history, because unless the user selects at least one file from the [filtered] list, that new active search is not registered [stored] in history

The user can of course:
1] click the filter box
2] select all text
3] copy it
4] run the "Remove all from history..."
5] click the filter box
6] paste the selection from RAM
and thus have a clean history and the most recent filtered search

But that's the problem: it requires six annoying steps. And for me it is not an uncommon thing when making a new filtered search, that I realize that I will be making right away a second and a third search in close relation to that first one; and at the same time realizing that it will be very problematic to find does searches on the long list of all my previous searches, that are accumulated in history throughout days of work. And so I have to do those six steps, so that I will have short history list [with 2 or 3 current searches]. And that is simply a drag

What about "copy the bit that is in the filter box at the moment", then delete all, then paste it again...
Does more or less the same.

Am I mistaken, or was this described in my six draggish steps method of coping with issue of current filter box behavior?

Well then, there you have your feature.

A "feature"?

It's so manual that I would only dare to call it a feature in a "lack of a feature" statement

At least for me "delete all" means delete all and not "keep the current one".
Everything else would be a surprise and therefore very likely to be seen as a bug and not a feature.

I see your point. What you request is really "Remove all from history".
Florian might not call this behavior a bug but rather just an inaccurate label "Remove all from history" which apparently behaves more like "Initiate Filter (History, box, etc)" IMO.
It's a matter of interpretation at the end.
If we could find the official interpretation of "Remove all from history" filter button then it could give an end to the "dispute". BTW mp3tag filter help page gives no info about "remove from history" and "Remove all from history".

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More like changing "Remove all from history" to "Remove all from history but current one"

Or just adding "Remove all from history but current one", thus keeping the old "Remove all from history"

I think that is the core of this issue

Since arrival of the Manage history... option in version 3.15 this is now irrelevant

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