Please! Convert Path to Tag

I really need this feature,
Like "convert filename to tag" but instead Convert path to tag. Because the folder structure sometimes contains the album year or the album name and nothing else does.

Please! very important feature thanks!

And that is why it has been described for ages in the FAQs:

and also in the documentation:

ok I will try this backslash method (for folders) within the "convert filename to tag" menu.


It is also possible to grab parts of the path with the converter Tag->Tag and actions of the type "Format Value", because there are information tags like _DIRECTORY , _PARENT_DIRECTORY and _PATH.
Actions of the type "Guess Values" work too.

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The backslash method did not work for me at all under the "filename - Tag" converter.

I will try the tag-tag method if I can figure it out

It is the best that you give a concrete example what your path looks like and which tags you want fo fill.

That is fairly amazing.
But as you do not supply any information what you tried, what you expected and what you got as a result, it is not possible to give you any more help than what can be found in the already linked FAQs and documentation.

I ended up using "Actions --> Quick Actions --> Guess Values --> "_directory", %dummy%\%dummy%\%artist% %year%\%album%

The point is that, the "Quick Actions" "Guess Values" worked for me thanks!
The Filename-Tag converter I was unable to figure out how to make it output the path info, the guide's instructions on how to do that are literally just one sentence.
I dont have an example at the moment because I already fixed it with the other method. The other method seems a lot more capable anyway thanks

In contrast to the use of actions, the converter offers the possibility of a direct preview of the result of a format string and is therefore also suitable for testing a format string, which can then be saved as an action for future use if it is planned to be used again.


With Convert>Filename-Tag it would have been:
%artist% %year%\%album%\%dummy%
or perhaps
%artist% %year%\%album%\%track% - %title%

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But with the method Convert Filename-Tag, it can only operate at the "_directory" level right?

I think my problem was that I was trying to do a "_ParentDirectory" and some "_Path" stuff, which Quick Actions --> "Guess Values" allowed me to do.

@poster, I see that Filename-Tag will be better for taking info off the directory, but only if it does not go farther back than the very last folder in the path.

I am not sure what was happening or why I couldnt make it work. How does it know how far back I want it to go in the path? does it do it automatically? I will try again once I start working on that stuff again tomorrow, but as of now I am no longer working on it.

Once I have a good example I will post it.

It goes right up to the drive letter or the network address, if you specify the filename as fully qualified filename.

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