Please help all mp3's now have same info!!

I thought this program was to find the lost information such as artist, album, album art, etc. So I highlighted all of the files to have them go through mp3tag program and find the correct information, or at least that is what I thought it was doing. The first mp3 didn't have the correct tag and it asked me what I wanted in the fields and such. So I entered the artist name, album name and genre, then I choose enter and walked away and let the program go through my mp3's to find the missing info. Several hours later I came back to find that only now here I am 31, 000 + mp3's later and it tagged 31,000+ mp3's the same artist, album and genre that I had entered in the first one.
So my question is. Is there a way to undo what has been done? I don't want to have to research and manually change 31,000+ mp3's back to what they were suppose to be.
I used this program at the suggestions of someone that said it was great for finding missing info and album art. I realize now although a great program it apparently was not for just scanning all mp3's and adding information that was missing. I guess I misunderstood what this program does.
Please help if there is a possible way to undo this.
Thank you so very much.

... there is an undo button in the toolbar. But this will only work if you haven't closed the program yet (and want to undo the last step).

So, unless you have used the filename as data storage I doubt there is much you can do.

With some information sunk into the filename and directories you can retrieve information with the function "Filename - tag" which even take the directory if you insert a backslash in the mask.

BTW: why didn't you try out the handling with just a few files instead of selecting you whole library ... AND: where ist your backup? Sorry, that was one from the department "adding insult to injury".

Well I did find the undo late last night and had not shut down the program. I knew at least not to do that. As far as trying just a few mp3's, that would have been a smart thing to do but as I said I thought it corrected missing info and just choose all and went out and mowed for about 7 hours. Now there are still a few showing the artist still as Tammy Wynette, which is what I put in the first box. So I will have to go through and change that. Also almost all album art shows the album art for Tammy Wynette and not the album art it should be.
As far as a back up. I kinda have a back up on another external drive but I haven't backed it up for like 3 months or so. Lesson learned to keep the back up updated and when trying new programs just try a few.
So is there anything I can do about the album art? If I not wrong Winamp, ITunes or even Windows Media Player will try and find the correct album art but I haven't had much success with them. Will this program do that or is there another one that will?
Thanks so much for your response. I really appreciate it, as I was panicked when I thought I had messed up 31,000+ mp3's. What a mess I have to clean up but it's my own fault!
Take care,

For those albums that had the albumart stored in their folders (e.g. because you had to access them with WMP which needs the folder.jpg file to display the albumart)
You can read that file with the help of an action (Press Alt-5, then create a new one of the type import album art).

The other albums may be retrieved if you have already entered artist and album as this the data that makes an album unique. Still, I think you have to go through each album individually.
THere are some threads in this forum that deal with the import of albumart, e.g. Automate the albumart process?.

I do not know how you think that mp3tag should be able to find out, how to fill the tracks in a more or less amorphous collection of data. To find the tags in a database you have some kind of unique identifier, e.g. for CDs this is the CD id. Taking this CD id it then can be said what contents the labels of the first, second, third and so on track should have. If you have simply mp3s but no filled tags on your drive then there is hardly any data clue what to look for. mp3tag kind of had to "listen" to the track - which it does not.

Can you tell us something about your filenames and directory structures and whether these contain information about e.g. artist, band, album, track, title? If so, the function "filename - tag" might rescue a fair number of tracks from data-wise ignorance.

Thank you so much for all your help. I appreciate it. To answer you question about why I thought it would just do a huge batch of files is because...I guess I was just mislead by the person that said it just goes on the internet and finds the missing info for my mp3's. Probably 80% or more (just a guess) is ripped from my cd's but I use to have ITunes and it did it's own thing and now that I'm using WinAmp and Windows Media Center it lost some of the information for some reason. My file structure is artist, album, track. But I don't like Itunes and something happened when I let Windows Media Player take it over and use it's file structure. And I lost some tags and things I guess.
Okay let's say I choose to play Eagles Hotel California(that's what artist, album and song name when I choose it) but it plays Elivs Hound Dog. Just an example and both were ripped by me from my cd's. So I don't know how they lost their tags.
These seems like great software, don't get me wrong and has great ratings. But I guess it just doesn't do what I thought it did. Not the programs fault but user(me) error.
I will try your method for the album art.
I hope this helps you understand better what happened and what I'm looking to do. Once again I appreciate all the time you are taking trying to help me out. It is very much appreciated.After the undo it looks like everything is as it was, which is still not right but that is not this programs fault. That's the way it was before using this program.
I just was stupid for not knowing how this actually works and choosing all and just leaving it to run for hours before I realized it was changing all my songs to the same thing. I know not very smart.
Thanks again. And let me know if you need more information.

Hi again,
MP3tag will help you to transfer the information into tags much quicker than WMP or iTunes could do.

E.g. Windows Media Center (which is nothing more than a souped up Media Player) relies on "Album Artist" (in MP3tag it is tag %band%).
Probably most of your tracks do not have the tag "band" filled as itunes not necessariyl needs it.
So, a good way would be to copy all information from the tag %artist% to the tag %band%.
If you do it by hand, you will grow grey hair.
Mp3tag offers you just the right function in the shape of an action.
Press Alt-5, create an action of the type "Format tag field".
Select as field "band" and enter as format string %artist%.
Magically the artist will also appear as Album Artist and WMP will not get confused if there is not album artist anywhere. This might then solve the problem of apparently random playlists.
This method only works for albums that are not samplers. For Sampler the album artist is usually set to "Various Artists".
If you have untagged tracks but the filename still looks like track - artist- title
then you could use the function
filename - tag
to fill the tags
Enter a mask that looks like this:
%track% - %artist% - %title%

If you stored the albums in separate directories then you could extend the mask to that directory and retrieve the album as well:
%album%\%track% - %artist% - %title%

ohrenkino, you are a genius.
Thank you, thank you for your detailed instruction on how to get the tags fixed. It worked like a charm. Now I just have to redo the album art which shouldn't be too hard with your fix on the tags. But I do have a lot of compilation albums which state "various artists" but that's no biggie.
Once again I really appreciate the time and patience you took to help me out.
Have a great week,

Now I certainly will! :wink:

Perhaps I am overdoing it now. Still, I simply try it:
After you have restored your collection it might be a good idea to make a backup - just in case ;-).
This will take some time for the first run as you will have to copy all your data.
Wouldn't it be nice to speed up the process for the next time and only copy the updated files?
For this I can recommend the "Synctoy" by Microsoft which is free.
You simply setup a folder pair (or several) and select the option "synchronize". All modifications are tracked by Synctoy as it has a log file somewhere in the depths of the filesystem.
As it copies only the
There is a German thread that deals with Synctoy.
Tags synchronisieren zwischen 2 Laufwerken

Thank you. I have another external drive I've been backing them up on but I have been bad for at least 3-4 months, maybe more. Just goes to show you how important it is that I stay on top of it. I will take your recommendation and use synctoy. I just have to restore my album art before I do that. And there were a approx 75-100 it didn't fix and I have to manually do that. But that is so much better then the entire 31,000+.
You have been so kind and I just can't express my graditude for all your help.

You can also use Mp3tag to download album art by selecting all the tracks from an album and go to Tag Sources > Cover Art >

If you can't find it there you can try discogs or MusicBrainz.

Did you know that you can filter your collection for those tracks without covers?
Either you insert a new column with the contents of %_covers%
or you enter a filter

%_covers% IS ""

This should then show all tracks without albumart.
If you select the files of one album and press Alt-T to see the extended tags, then press in the extended tags dialog the New button for album art MP3tag will find any suitable bitmap in the album's folder.
So perhaps you do not have to go to a website to find the albumarts if they are already there on your drive.

Another thing: once you have completed mending your collection it might be a good idea to export all albumarts so that they can be restored in case of another crash.
There is an action for that - "Export album art" - where you even can set the filename.
So for the next time the albumart would reside in the album folders and could easily be imported again. :slight_smile: