Please Help at Sorting Collection

Hi can someone help me please ?

What i want to do is group my collection so it only show's up once under albums but when you go into it it list all relevant albums ?

ie Now what i call music

then when you click that all the albums are listed in Now what i call music

or another example

i have the entire collection of The shadows Albums but when i click Albums there's like 30 different albums listed on the main screen. What i want to achieve is have one listing under Album say called the shadows - then when you click into it , it displays all the shadows albums ?

My collection over the years has grown so i need to get it organised a bit better.

Please help if you can or point me to the answer if this has already been covered as i can't find it ?

Kindest regards Paul

It's hard to understand what you are after

If I m correct, you want to have some sort of button / menu, after clicking which a sub-list would show up? If yes, then that is impossible, Mp3tag does not have functions

You could work around the problem by putting expressions in the Filter Box. But If I am correct, you already are doing some filtering

So you could the all of the albums to something like
Name of the album of band X: sub-title
Name of the album of band X: description
Name of the album of band X: [some kind sign here, acting as a marker]

and then click the Album column in the main view, to see them arranged [goruped] alphabetically

No not exactly when i connect to my Nas via Audio station i can display my album etc
So if i look at the defult albums i get something like this

Now what i call music 1
Now what i call music 2
Now what i call music 3 etc etc

So i think we are up to Now what i call music 97 so thats 97 albums all on the default screen.

so what i want to do is top level say Now what i call music collection

you click into that top level and it display's albums 1 to 97

So in other words instead of seeing 97 albums on the default list of albums you just see 1 top level album ? Does this make sense ?

Isn't this the problem of the player?
Which object should carry the information that more actual albums are to follow?
The album field in a file is already taken and shows the actual album.
Perhaps if you do not use the album field for grouping but the ALBUMARTIST?
This is probably "Various Artists" - so if you modify it to "That's what I call Music", you get only one entry in the list of ALBUMARTISTS but see all the albums if you click on it.

You can organize your hierarchical file and folder system as you want, the Windows explorer can help to create a basic folder (for the artist), and there within create subfolders (for the albums), and there within such album subfolder store the related track files.

You can load such an entire subtree of folders (e. g. all from the artist) at once into Mp3tag list view, ...
or you can load the files from one folder into Mp3tag list view ...
or you can load one file or a set of different files into Mp3tag list view.

Note: Within the dialog "Mp3tag/File/Change directory..." there is a checkbox "[ ] Subdirectories", which may help to do what you want.