Please Help!! (hidden Folder.Jpg issue)

Hello. I am a producer and I use MP3tag before I submit my mp3's to A&R's and artists. I only use this software to Embed my contact info and artwork in each Mp3 file individually, not for an album.

My Issue Everytime I tag all my individual .mp3's it creates an unnecessary hidden Folder.jpg file as well as ArtworkSmall.jpg in my mp3 directory (as well as my sub-directories) and they conflict with the original artwork assigned to each file. When I play certain mp3's, sometimes the Artwork will be 100% perfect, but others will be blurry. If a certain mp3 has new artwork, it will display an old one because the Folder.jpg is still the old artwork.

Is there a way to disable these hidden .jpg files from being created? As I stated, I literally only need this software for individual File art, not Album Art

Thanks in advance

Ps. I tried clearing the cache of my media player dozens of times already but the issue only ever occurs with the hidden files being present. When I move an mp3 file out of my directory, it displays correctly (because the hidden files are not present in the new directory) Again, thank you

Those files are created by Windows Media Player and the only way to stop it from happening is to not use the WMP library. You can still use WMP as a player but don't put any music tracks in the WMP library.

You can use Mp3tag to download tag information from the internet using "Tag Sources" or if you want a different music manager try MediaMonkey.

Thanks for the quick response. I actually only use WMP as a default player for my mp3's. I never put them into the library. In mp3tag when I click |Options >Tag sources it asks for "default file name for cover art" and it just so happens to be "Folder" Thats why I thought maybe it could have been created by Mp3tag

If you did create a folder.jpg file from Mp3tag it wouldn't be a hidden file.

The ones made be WMP are hidden, that's how you can tell them apart.

If you copy the next lines into a plain text file (e.g. created by Editor) and put that text file into the top-most folder for the music files, rename the file to "delete_folder.bat" then you could clean up all the folder.jpg files in one go:

attrib -h -s -r *.jpg
del /s folder.jpg
del /s albumart*.jpg

this is a batch file that has dos commands in it to set the attributes to visible and writable and non-system and then deletes in all subfolders all files with the name of folder.jpg and then all with the name part albumart.

In order to change the attributes of of the JPGs in the subfolders, the first line of the batchfile should read

attrib /s -h -s -r *.jpg

NOTE: This will not change the settings for MediaPlayer or whatever player you use. Therefore any new files/folders you add will have to have the batch file run again. You could consider running the batchfile automatically with Task Scheduler

Yes, you are right with the modifier /s for the ATTRIB command syntax.

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