Please help .. ( image import , dir name-> album name ?)


I am new user of this program ( downloaded yesterday ) , I have following questions

1)How do I specify the image cover(album ) for the mp3 file through this editor?
( image files are already present in the same dir with name img.jpg)
Also , If am able to link album cover to the proper mp3 file , will the image reside within the mp3 file?

In other words , If I copy this mp3 file in some other folder , Can I still see the image for that file in WM player/ winamp?

2)Is there any through which I can add the directory name as music album name in the selected files?


Thanks in advance for your help




  1. Use an action of type Import cover from file and img.jpg as format string. If WMP and Winamp read the cover from the ID3v2 tag, then yes, you can copy the file and the cover will still be visible since it's stored inside the MP3.
  2. Use the :mt_ftt: Filename - Tag converter for this. If your files are stored in a format like %artist%\\%album%\\%title%.mp3 and you want to import the album information only, use %dummy%\\%album%\\%dummy% as format string.


Thanks For the help :slight_smile: