Please help me!! I'm computer illeterate

Hi guys - a little embarrased to be asking this but how do I use this software? :unsure:

I have an ipod mini, and quite a collection of burned cd's which I would like to load on to my ipod. I am getting sick of entering title, artist and albumn info in for each song. I did some research and came across a site that recommended this program. I have downloaded the program and have absolutely no idea how to use it! :unsure:

I downloaded v 2.32a - I have a basic laptop (3 year old think pad)

I opened the program and have no clue what to do next!!!!

I read the first step instructions and don't understand them :frowning: - I know I'm sure they're very simple but as I said - computer illeterate.

Can anyone possibly give this goose s t e p by step instructions? As if to a two year old? (seriously)

Sorry to be a pain!!

What do you mean with burned cds? Are these audio cds or do they contain many mp3 files?
Or do you have the files already on your hard disk? And what kind of files (mp3 or iTunes aac)? Complete albums and every album in its own directory?

Normally one loads a directory with music files into the program and if it is a complete album :mt_freedb: freedb is used to get the tags from a internet cd database.

Hi thanks for the reply -

I have a collection of burned cd's ( music cd's which I have copied from originals or burned cd's and burnt using windows media player or nero - so I suppose they are mp3's?)

What I want to do is be able to find a program or a way of loading original or mp3
music cd's on to my itunes without having to enter in all the song information.

Some of the cd's I have are complete albums and others are mixed.

The songs I currently have on my computer have all been conveted by itunes to the itunes format and I have manually added in all the tags. I have another 30 cd's to load and don't want to have to do it again.

Is there a way I can easily do this? i.e something I can do so when I load a cd itunes recognises the tags and brings the info up automatically?