Please Help Me!!

Hi, I backed up my music to an external drive and transferred back my music to a new hard drive on my PC then I had imported my music back to a new library on Itunes.

The problem is that after I imported back, Itunes put some of my songs (either all songs from some albums of the same artist, or some songs randomly) into a an unknown album folder. So basically the song names are there but are not associated with any albums. So some of my songs are mixed and apparantely its due to incorrect tag name versions.

So i installed mp3tag to see what the issue is and it shows that all the songs that have been put into an unknown album folder have tag names that read !BADv2.3 or similar. Is there a way to fix this? Please reply and let me know if there is a solution and if there isn't then I guess i would have to go into Itunes and manually update all the album info in each song file one by one which I was trying to avoid.

Any help it would be apreciated!!! Cheers!


You will not be able to restore anything as, like the message says: the data is bad. Otherwise MP3tag would have read it.
What you should do: check your files integrity first with mp3val (freeware). This is a precaution to make sure that all future tagging will go smoothly.
If you have stored your albums in separate folders that have the name of the album then you can retrieve this information with the function Convert>Filename - Tag, e.g.
The same applies to artist and other stuff if this is stored in the names of paths and files. If you need help, then you have to give exact examples.
And another note: don't use Itunes as tagging program. you can never be sure that this program only stores the information in the database but not in the tags. Use mp3tag instead.