Please help this helpless woman with the 4letter name problem!


Okay, so I went through and renamed all of my mp3s after they went to 4letter names like hugk and akji and whatever, you get it. I moved my music to my new laptop. Now i know there are tagging programs that couldve saved me from taking a week to listen to each one and retype the title. Well now, I add them to itunes, and they are back to the 4letter titles!! so I realize I changed the filename, but not the title... I guess?? How can I make the "name" field in itunes display the filename? Or, how do i convert the title to the filename? Please, I'm sure you've helped many a people with this, but i am at my wit's end.... this music is my life and I am losing my mind! Thanks in advance, Terra


In your case, just use %title% as format string.