Please help with a regex filter

I've got some lyrics files formatted like this.

[00:12.161]Hey, that shark has pretty teeth, dear
[00:18.822]And he shows 'em, pearly white
[00:24.680]Just a jack knife has MacHeath, dear
[00:31.349]And he keeps it way out of sight
[00:37.453]When that shark bites with his teeth, dear
[00:43.837]Scarlet billows they begin to spread
[00:49.966]Fancy white gloves has MacHeath, dear
[00:56.359]So there's never, never a trace of red

I want to turn e.g.


Is there a way to have a filter show only the tracks that have these lyrics with the seconds to 3 decimal places instead of 2?

So I'm trying to look for any track that has .xxx] in &unsyncedlyrics% (xxx stands for any three numbers).

I've already worked out how to remove that 10th chartacter with Actions>Action (Quick)>Replace with regular expression>

Regular expression: ^(.{9}).
Replace matches with: $1

which is great. But I can't work out how to find all the tracks that need fixing.

I feel it's probably possible, having seen this page, especially this example:

Filenames that start with two digits not followed by another digit:
%_filename% MATCHES ^\d\d\D

But I can't work out how to find tracks that have .xxx] in &unsyncedlyrics%

Very grateful if you can help. Thanks.

Maybe a filter with something like

Which means match entries with a dot 3 digits and a closing square bracket.

Very kind of you, thanks.

I had asked a similar question elsewhere and got the reply below too. Both your and their suggestions work, but I'll just leave this here in case it's useful to someone later ...

"Any digit" is \d or [0-9].
A literal dot is \.,
so \.\d{3}] will search for these time stamps.
You can also be more specific and only search at the beginning of the line: ^.{6}\.\d{3}]

Or do search and replacement in one step ...
Regular expression:
Replace matches with:

regex101: build, test, and debug regex

PS. Any idea how to remove lines lines with Chinese characters from the lyrics field?