Please help with regexp

from a field that contains "artist - title (CD 2015) [something]" i would like to keep "(CD 2015)". I have tried tons of regexp suggestions but none work. Would anyone be so kind and help me? I know hove to setup actions etc but my regexp seems not to work.

You want to remove everything excepting
the opening bracket (
4 digits
the closing bracket )

Or does the part inside the brackets varies?

You could try an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %the field that contains the data%
Target string: %dummy% (%the field that contains the data%) %dummy%

whats whithin brackets may vary, ex. (VINYL 2020)

intresting, do you mean like this?
source: %_parent_directory%
guessing patterns: %dummy% (%my_target_field%) %dummy%

What do you mean?
The more to the point your question is, the higher the quality of the answer probably is.
So you want to import data from the folder?

Such a case is described in the documentation:

I was trying to make the question as general as possible. If specific questions are preferred, my case is as follows, My music files are stored in folders named
"artist - tilte (mediatype year) [catalog]"
i'd like to extract the mediatype and year to - let's assume - the year field

Try Convert>Filename-Tag
String: %dummy% (%dummy% %year%) %dummy%\%dummy%
String: %dummy% (%mediatype% %year%) %dummy%\%dummy%

Thank You! Thoose dummy fields are not that dumb at all :slight_smile:

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