Please remove french translation

I'm a french user, but I was quite disappointed when launching Mp3tag in french the first time. The french translation is obviously an automatic translation made with a crappy translation software, it makes mp3tag just unusable. I had to reinstall the software in english to use it.

Please remove that translation in future version unless you find native french speakers to get a correct translation.

Okay, thanks for the hint. I thought that the person who did the translation for the French version was a native speaker.

I've added a improvement request to the Translations forum.

I helped translating a few modified strings some months ago but I have to confess I never used the french version (like a lot of french nerds or semi-nerds, I read english fluently). So I was pretty surprised to read this post, and reinstalled MP3Tag in french tonight.

Well... there are some inconstancies. Example: sometimes "Playlist" is translated as "Liste de lecture", and sometimes it's left alone. Probably the result of several translaters ignoring each other's work (and I'm probably the one to blame for this). The best way is probably to leave it alone, since most of the french speakers are used to "playlist". A lot of english computer-related words are now part of the french language. I also saw a few spelling or grammar mistakes. But it's not unusable, far from it. And whoever did this, it's definitely not "an automatic translation made with a crappy translation software".

Maybe Doub should point to some of these strings so badly translated he deem them "crappy"? :wink: He may be a french canadian (some of them are pissed by any anglicism, anywhere)?

I agree this translation could use some polish, though. I can do it if you're not in a hurry (I'm pretty busy at work). In the meantime, you can rest assured the old translation is actually pretty good, if not perfect. And yes, I'm a native speaker. :slight_smile:

I'm glad you said something. I'm a native English speaker, but I generally prefer to use the French version of things when available. I thought that maybe I wasn't understanding the language properly when I tried using this originally in French. I too had to switch back to English.

I'm a native English speaker, but a French major in college. I found the translation to be off as well. Maybe the translation is literally correct, but a lot of the options and text just seemed really unclear to me. I had to switch to English out of fear of doing something that I didn't intend to happen (ie. erasing all my files). I don't know where the other user is from, but I'm American, but I have been taught French (Parisian mostly) French.

It's sad that while this user feels so strongly about the translation that he makes a request to remove it...but didn't bother to volunteer to correct the issues or even give examples of the problems.

Hey french guy - this is free software, supported by volunteers!


I'm French, speaking English quite well, and I find the translation really good ...

I can only say that it didn't seem to clear to me. I think mostly though it has to do with how things are worded and the vocabulary. For every other media program that I use in French, the vocabulary is constant with respect to similar options. For this program, the same options seem to be written in a way that is completely devoid of the consistency that I've seen in the other programs.

I'd really appreciate any help regarding the French translation.

Kind regards,