Please restore filter invert checkbox

Up to V2.44, the filter had an [ ] invert checkbox. This disappeared approx. V2.45, despite no mention in the changelog.

Please could it be restored? With it gone, the program gives no quick way to invert the filter results. Especially using the mouse.


  • for a -type filter, prefix "NOT * HAS "
  • for an -type filter, prefix "NOT (" and suffix ")"

No, please don't restore it.
The current filter function with the possibility to enter a chain of different filter criteria, some of then intended positively, some negative has more options than the old implementation.

BTW: we are now some 10 versions later ... and 2.44 dates back to 2009, I think. And as this has not been an issue since then I would say: live with it.
No one forces you to use Mp3tag.
If you have better ideas, you are free to develop a utility of your own.

Well obviously it has more options than the old implementation of the invert checkbox. But that is irrelevant.

You are mistaken.