Pls help: Script to remove accent

Hi there,

Can someone help me to create a script to change this:

do?.i cho`em de^'n to doi cho em den Thanks so much

For this special case you can use Mp3tag's replace function:
$replace(%title%,?,,`, ,.,,^,,'',)
(supposed that the string is held by the tag field TITLE).

$replace('do?.i cho`em de^''n','?',,'`',' ','.',,'^',,'',) ==> 'doi cho em den'

DD.20081121.1834, DD.20150204.1840.CET

Yes, that was a song title. Thanks so much.


I just got a chance to try out the script, but I could not get it to work, since I am so new to this.

I created a New Action ==> Replace ==> Name: (Accent) ==> field: All ==> Original: "All" ==> Replace with: $replace(%title%,?,,`, ,.,,^,,'',,)

But it did not work.

I also want to replace this: 01 Về Đây Nghe Em ==> Ve Day Nghe em



Do learn about the difference of 'actions' and 'scripting functions', see Mp3tag help file.
Use action 'format value' with scripting function '$replace()' in the edit box 'Field'.

Read topic /t/7279/1
and try it out.