Pmedia tag removal

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way I can easily remove all instances from every tag contains the characters "PMEDIA"? For example, a typical mp3 I obtained has PMEDIA in many of the typically unseen tags like ISRC, Uploader, and release country. I also would like to remove all of the instances of tags that contain the expression pmedia, but are not limited to just those letters. An example would be this odd expression

eng|| which is found in the very odd unsynchedlyrics field. Just out of curiosity, what do the two upward bars (which is found with the backward slash key) do? Seems suspicious to me.


Telegram: Contact @pmedia_music found populating the Lyricist field.

Thanks for your time and help !


This is interesting.....

When I typed and posted the following on the thread I just started

Lryricist field contains this---- Telegram: Contact @pmedia_music it read in the chat viewer and was posted as

Telegram: Contact @pmedia_music

Hmmm.......makes me wonder what is actually happening.

Maybe following the process found here: