PODCAST tag not saving

When I add a PODCAST tag to my file and save the file, that one tag doesn't get saved.

This doesn't happen with any other tag I've tried (though I confess that I haven't tried them all). PODCASTCATEGORY, PODCASTDESCRIPTION, PODCASTURL and a few other random ones (can't remember the specific ones I tried) all work (as do all the standard ones like TITLE, etc), but not PODCAST. This seems very weirdly specific, but it's what's happening to me.

This is happening with brand new files that I'm adding tags to, so it's not a case of broken or corrupt existing tags.

Windows 10
Mp3Tag v3.12, Portable installation

How do you save the tag field?
How do you check that the tag field has (not) been saved?

Please also note that the field is either 0 or 1

I don't save the specific tag field, as such, but after I enter it and save the edited file, the content I entered in that one tag disappears. (It's apparent that Mp3Tag reloads the tags from the file after saving it.)

If I reload the file (just to be sure), by (e.g.) selecting a different one and then selecting the target one the PODCAST tag is empty. All the other tags have the content I entered.

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Ohhh! Okay, well that explains it.

In that case, where do I request a feature? It'd be much less confusing if, when it's in the Tag Panel, the only available interface was a checkbox, rather than any kind of text entry.

Thanks for the clarification!

Noted :slight_smile: It's on my list.

Thanks very much!

I see that the COMPILATION tag is similar. Didn't see any others, but you're probably much more familiar with the list than I am.

(For what it's worth, the fact that iTunes — or anyone — decided to use a text field to store Boolean data is an abomination. :angry:)

It's probably me to blame then: both MP4 and ID3v2 use an integer representation internally — that's also the reason why your textual input wasn't stored in the file.

It's just that Mp3tag currently only provides text fields for data input on the Tag Panel, so a checkbox would make much more sense here.

I think there are a few other fields as well. ITUNESGAPLESS can also be a check box. And ITUNESADVISORY has three possible states (perhaps radio buttons can work here). Other fields may be limited to specific names from a list, but that is likely too far out of the scope of check boxes or radio buttons I would think.

Specific names from a list could be a dropdown, like Genre (though perhaps non-editable).

Feels like a lot of extra work to make different input widgets for different data types (even though it makes sense and is more intuitive for users).

I didn't really intend to open a big can of worms with this. :slight_smile:

(That said, I do very much appreciate that you're at least considering it, Florian!)

Even though the topic is supposed to be solved I still don't get it how and what you did to create the field?
An Action?
A column?
A field in the tag panel?
Which data did you enter?
The basic rule for any tag field is still: there are no empty tag fields.

I don't think it's relevant how the field was created — if someone tries to save textual data to PODCAST which can actually only be in state on 1 and off, it's assumed to be off and not saved to the file.

You can try for yourself via the extended tag dialog and PODCAST = Test for any MP3 or MP4 file.

I was trying to nullify the misconception that if a user created a column or a field in the tag panel that there is some kind of placeholder for that field in the tag which should be visible somewhere else.
Also, it could be possible that an action of the type "Format value" writes no value to a field.
All these procedures would not lead to the creation of the field.
Once the way has been determined, it could be investigated which value was actually to the field.
The thread clarified that only the "1" is a valid value.
But even this could have been found out with a comparison between that what the user entered for the field and that what the standard says.
Looking at the thread I see a gap between the search for the root cause and the final solution.
But as you said: the solution is there.

Hi, ohrenkino. I apologize, I didn't understand what the misconception was.

I didn't use any programming or scripting, simply

  • opened the extended tags dialog
  • clicked the Add Field button
  • chose PODCAST in the Field dropdown
  • entered text (in my case, the name of the podcast) into the Value box ← this, I have learned, is where I went wrong
  • clicked OK
  • clicked OK in the extended tags dialog
  • pressed Ctrl+S to save the tags to the file
  • saw the PODCAST value disappear, without knowing why
  • signed up to the community to ask about it :slight_smile:

Hi, Florian. It just occurred to me that an quick short-term solution would be to provide a link (or at least copyable text) to your Text Field Mappings in either the Extended Tags dialog or the Edit Tag dialog.

It's an excellent resource for people who want to learn about and use extended tags, particularly since it includes tags that aren't officially part of the ID3 standard, like the ones we're discussing. But until you linked to it here, I had no idea that it even existed (let alone where to find it), which made it rather less usable. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the extra effort. That rounds up the case.

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