Pointers for converting cds to mp3s

I don't want to invoke a big war, but I did some searching and did not find anything on this.

Can someone point me to some good resources for converting my cds to mp3s? I have a few hundred - many of which are uncommon (cd singles, promo cds, import singles, import EPs, etc). I saw that there was a link to EAC in the mp3tag links page. I used that some time back along with some version of LAME (RazorLAME, I think), but it was a while ago. So I suppose one method would be EAC - LAME - mp3tag. Any idea which port of LAME is active / best for windows (or dos)?

A friend of mine suggested iTunes for ripping, encoding, and tagging. I found that iTunes split some albums up that had feature artists on it - putting them in different directories than the album artist. I also had an issue with seeing the tags. Once I used iTunes to rip a CD for a friend so that he could put it on his PS3. Since the music was original, it was not found in a cddb. It seemed like the tags would not stick - maybe I was misconfigured in some way on iTunes.

Anyway, any pointers to different methods with pros and cons would be greatly appreciated. I only want to go through this once and package up my CDs into storage to save room. Also, access on the PC would make it easier to get to than going through so many CDs.

I can recommend EAC with LAME and this Guide at the Hydrogenaudio Wiki.