Popping noise at end of song.

I have searched for information regarding the above but can find nothing. I apologise if this is already covered.
Having used windows media player to rip CDs into .wav format and copied the files to an external drive, I then used MP3 tag to tag the files. All has worked perfectly except that I am left with a loud pop sound in the final (otherwise silent) second of each track. If I examine the waveform (in pro tools for example) there is no corresponding spike so I assume this is an issue with tagging .wav files. I have tried a wide variety of settings in the options menu but the result is the same.
If this is a known issue, does anyone have a solution? Or simply an explanation?
Many thanks...

Have you played the files with other players?

Here is a similar story about WMP: https://www.winvistatips.com/threads/noise-...y-track.209145/
perhaps that is the case with your files.

Did you - somehow - wrote a ID3v2 Tag at the end of that wav files?
If Tag is included in correct frame (LIST INFO Frame), everything will work.

But if ID3v2 is just added at the end of the file (the way like it work at mp3) you can get plop, piep, ccccrck or something on playback.
I remember that Florian added wav support a few Versions ago,
can anyone tell how mp3tag write tags to wave files?

Post a "short" file, or have a look the end of the file by using an hex viewer/editor.

Thanks... Indeed I have. If I isolate a file and import it into an audio session there is no pop. However when played in a player that uses tagging (in this instance WMP, or Kodi with OSMC or OPENELEC the pop occurs at the end of every track.

Thanks for the above. I guess the tag is at the end of the .wav file as if I use wav trim to remove the silence at the end of the track then the tagging is removed. I must investigate further as I presently have no idea how to set mp3tag to write the tag at the beginning of the file.

What happens if you re-tag the files once you have removed the alleged silent bits with that trim program?
What does MP3tag say about the tags? It should read ID3v2.3 (RIFF ID3v2.3)

I just checked a couple of my wav files and there is no clicking noise at the end even though they are tagged with MP3tag.

I suspect that fairly close to the beginning of your processing chain the noise is added by some program that does not write tags properly so that they are taken for audio data.

MP3tag writes the tags at the end.
There is no way to tell MP3tag to do it differently.

Why does mp3tag write an id3 tag at the end of the file?
I'm really not sure if this is correct, LIST INFO Frame with length 30h (48dez) contains meta information.

But... ID3 Tag does not contain to any Frame/chuck, I guess it shouldn't be read,
but I guess that causes your problem.

Thanks. I'll have a look at that as soon as time permits.

OK... if use mp3tag to remove all tags and listen to an album (as unknown album and unknown artist) then all popping disappears. However once retagged unfortunately the pop returns. This is the case whether or not I have used "wavtrim" to remove the silence.
Thanks for your input...it is much appreciated.

I think it has something to do with the player and that it does now know how to treat wav files with tags.
The MS article about WMP suggested that you switch off the extensions...
And: have you got another program to tag wav files and see how the player behaves?

I still think that is maybe an bad idea to add an id3 tag to the end of an wave file.
even it is added as a frame 'id3 '.

We can make a simple test.

I can uploaded and testfile, with tag frame but without id3,
can you tell me if it plopp's too?

2_WithTagFrame_But_Without_ID3.wav (172 KB)