popularimeter does not appear in extended fields list


Hi, I use winamp which as of very recently now supports writing ratings to id3 tags. To view these:

I was told that I should add a new 'NAME' in COLUMN SELECT which I called RATINGS and that I should select 'POPULARIMETER' from the 'EXTENDED FIELD' list for the 'VALUE' and 'FIELD' boxes.

I MANUALLY entered '%Popularimeter%' in Value and Field as 'Popularimeter' does not appear in the list.

This advice was given to me by a Winamp forum user who is adamant (he even posted a screen shot showing this) that I should have been able to see Popularimeter in the list both before and after I manually entered it and that my problem seems unique to me. But IT DOES NOT APPEAR even though the ratings are now appearing in the main window.

I'm wondering whether this means there is a problem that I should be concerned about.

I did not do anything in the 'TAG PANEL' section. Unfortunately I am not clear what its purpose is or how it relates. Pardon me, as I have read the help sections I found on these items.


Tags Missing In LOV on Edit tag info Dialog

Actually, it is necessary to enter %POPULARIMETER% in Value as well as Field.
Please note, that there are two ways of entering ratings: one for WMP (which is the field/value %rating wmp%) and one other (which is %POPULARIMETER%).

Could you please specify what puzzles you about the purpose of the tag panel?


I understand it now but was looking around to find some other place to add a field as I was starting to think (because popularimeter doesn't appear in list after I added) that perhaps in the column view section you were only adding columns to a 'view section' but perhaps before that would work first you had to 'ADD' them as a field as such..as if we needed to add the fields like in a database before adding them to a layout...sorry for the confusion.

However, it might be helpful if the Tag Panel were labeled as such just to make it idiot proof and if the dividing line between the defaults and the custom section were clearer and labeled as such.


sorry for idiocy.

I accidentally put my reply to your first and more important question within the text of your reply:

Again, I did enter 'Popularimeter' in both Value and Field.


Please make sure that you included the "%" around "Popularimeter" -> %Popularimeter%
If a column contains editable data (like title or rating) then you can edit the data for each track individually.
Read-only properties like length or bitrate cannot be edited.

If you want to apply the same changes to more than one file it may be more effective to either

  • add an entry field in the tag panel ->Options > Tag Panel
  • select the tracks, enter the modification in the respective field in the tag panel and press save.
  • if this a one-off affair or a manipulation on a multi-line field then using the extended tag dialog (press Alt-T) may be the tool of choice.

Also use the extended tag dialog to determine whether winamp actually has created a rating tag or whether it has stored the ratings somewhere internally like WMP or iTunes do.


I did do this but it still doesn't appear. This is not that important to me at this point as the 'rating' column does appear and the data is being stored there by Winamp which was important to make sure was working. Now I only wonder if this means there is some problem which could create an issue later..also maybe if there is a glitch it is important for other users as well...

I appreciate your help.


Have you checked in other programs that the rating entered in Winamp is adopted in other programs (except MP3tag).
I suspect that Winamp simply stores the ratings in its own database (like iTunes and WMP do) but does not store them in the files.
So entering a value in Winamp perhaps does not modify the number of tags in the files.
What happens to ratings you entered in MP3tag - do they appear in Winamp?


I think dockdweller refers to the predefined list of tag fields in Mp3tag.
Read the thread on the winamp forum or see this screenshot.

It seems by default popularimeter is not in that list.
To add it to that list, you can open the Extended Tags view, click on the new field icon and manually enter popularimeter and add some text. Save the new tag. Perhaps you must restart the program to complete the process.