Popularimeter Tag shown as RatingMM


i've got the Problem that Mp3 Tag shows the Popularimeter Tag of a mp3 or ogg File as RatingMM when the Song is ratet with 1 or 5 Stars. All other Ratings between 1 and 5 are correctly shown as Popularimeter.
When i Open the Files in an Hex Editor or Text editor there is only the Poularimeter Tag.

Why Mp3Tag schows sometimes the RatingMM Tag ?


For Understanding here are some Screenshoots out of the Hex Editor:

15 - Mary did you know is Ratet with 192 in the POPM Tag thats the Value for a 4 Star Rating.

14 - Wuthering Heights is Ratet with 255 in the POPM Tag thats the Value for 5 Star Rating.

I dont understand where the RatingMM in Mp3Tag is coming from, i can't find anything like "RatingMM" in the HexEditor :frowning:

You are right, there is only one POPM field.
But depending on the format in the field, MP3tag shows it as
Rating MM
Rating WMP
Rating Winamp

You see POPULARIMETER if the numbers are higher than 5 and there is at least one | in the field.
You see the others if you find a - for half a star or a chain of asterisks or a number not higher than 5.

WMP, for instance, translates the high numbers from Popularimeter to its star notation.

So I would suspect that one or the other POPULARIMETER field had higher values than 5 in it which then got translated to one of the other displays.

Thank you,

So i wish for future Versions of Mp3Tag a Setting to disable these "behind the Scenes" translations. I would like to see only the RAW Data.