Popularimeter to 1-5 numeric rating

With WMP10 or 11 WMP decided to switch from using the popularimeter tag to "Rating WMP" which is just a 1-5 rating. This is all very similar to what was discussed in this old thread except numeric instead of *asterisks:

But I was wondering how to make an action that will convert all my old WMP9 tagged tracks to WMP11 tagged tracks. In other words convert
no@email|255|0 = 5
no@email|205|0 = 4
no@email|154|0 = 3
no@email|104|0 = 2
no@email|53|0 = 1
...and place it in the "RATING WMP" tag.

11 is backward computable to the old WMP9 tags but I want my library to all use the same rating system so it will be easier to export and convert to other tags and databases.

It seems like it would be easy to modify this action to convert Popularimeter ratings to any 1-5 rating tag too.

Nothing has changed in WMP only in Mp3tag.
RATING WMP is the same as POPULARIMETER only that it is triggered with a special email, the one that WMP uses and it shows the ratings in a way that makes it easy to work with.

You can just replace no@email with Windows Media Player 9 Series and it will appear as RATING WMP
Windows Media Player 9 Series|255|0 = 5