Populate ARTIST from file name and remove fields via action

Hello Everyone, I've been using Mp3tag reliably for a few years now. I had everything like I wanted it but as I thought I was backing up my configuration file, my last computer issue showed me that I wasn't. So I'm going to post the few simply answered questions by many of you that know the innermost workings that I do not. Thank you in advance for any help you give, it is appreciated.

All of my filenames look like this: Engelbert Humperdink - I Like Your Mama
I would like the tags written (ARTIST, TITLE, ALBUMARTIST). I wanted for ARTIST to be copied to ALBUMARTIST and the action pictured below does work for that.


I haven't been able to get the ARTIST from the file name to populate with an action. If I click FILENAME TO TAG (under the help menu in the toolbar) it works perfectly but I don't know how to make an Action out of that.

I want to insert or paste the Cover (PICTURE) into the Tag Panel and create an Action that reduces the image to 500x500. I created the Action below but it does nothing.


Once all 4 of the Fields are populated and the PICTURE has been resized, I'd like an Action that removes all tags from the file except the 4 I mentioned (ARTIST, TITLE, ALBUM, ALBUMARTIST). I can't seem to figure out that one as well.

I think that's all, again I appreciate anyone that will take the time to help me with these few items that are noobie type stuff but honestly until my laptop blew up I didn't think I would ever have to touch the "coding" again. Thanks again. -Sam

The action that works like the converter>Filename-Tag would be "Guess value".
Source: %_filename%
Target format string: %artist% - %dummy%
Target format string: %artist% - %title%.

Did you know that with 3.14i ff you can save your Converter Strings and add descriptions for easier identification? I think the converter would still be a nice approach as it has the preview which makes it easier to find the right pattern.

Please define "nothing". The action only reduces the dimensions. If your picure is smaller, it stays as it is.

Create an action of the type "Remove fields except" with
If you are not sure about it, see also the documentation:

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