Portable install resets some settings?

I install MP3tag as portable, and the last two updates have caused a number of MP3Tags settings to revert to default. For example,

Tag Panel, placement is reset (custom layout remains saved)
Custom genres are all gone
Action Groups order is reset to alphabetical.
Message Settings are reset.
Auto-numbering Wizard settings are reset.

Is this something wrong on my end or is it a known issue?

Does this mean that you had a normal installation and later installed MP3Tag portable?
In this case you have to move/copy your former config-files from the %appdata%-MP3Tag-folder to your new portable mp3tag-folder.

No, I've always used the portable install. It's only with the last two updates that some of the settings have been reset.

I think I phrased part of my initial post poorly. I'll edit it so that it's clear.