Portable Install

I can't get the portable install working in the latests version. I suggest combining everything into 1 exe and just having a cfg or something.

I see no dialogue boxes when I try and make it portable. Ridiculous.

I Thinstall'd version 2.40 and it works well -- no installation required, completely portable, and a single EXE.

When you first run it, it creates a folder in:
c:\documents and settings(user)\application data\thinstall[sandbox]mp3tag+v2.40\

If you move this [sandbox] folder to the same folder as the single-file executable (mp3tag+v2.40.exe), you can take it with you.

I just don't know where to post it where everyone can download it.

Secondly, I don't know if distributing this violates its terms of usage and license information:

Mp3tag v2.40 can be distributed through non-commercial channels, if the delivery happens in the form of _this_ self-extracting setup-file.

Yes, it's against the Mp3tag license.

Wonderful idea, lets just ignore a potential fix for users who can't use it in favor of a petty licensing issue.

Just copy all files from %APPDATA%\Mp3tag to your installation directory and you can use this directory as a portable installation.