Portable Installation: Run the best version for my system - request

In the old days, when there was just the 32-bit version of MP3tag, one could rely on the WIndows compatibility mode to start the application also on a 64-bit OS.

Now we have the 64-bit version (highly welcome!) ... but this version only runs on 64-bit systems.

So if I have a portable installation on a portable drive, I am either limited to stay with the 32-bit version or I have to install 2 portable versions, one 32-bit, one 64-bit with all the problems of keeping the settings in sync.

So what I would like to see is that MP3tag gets a loader that check the environment and either runs a version that meets the OS environment or runs the 32-bit version if that is set so in the options.

This would guarantee that MP3tag starts on any OS and does not refuse a start with an error message "This application require a 64-bit OS".

Do you seriously still use a 32-bit Windows system productively somewhere?
I'm really not a freak who jumps on novelties and the mainboard of my main work computer is more than 10 years old, but at least I don't use a 32-bit Windows anywhere where I could get the idea to use MP3Tag.

If you really need it and Florian doesn't have mercy, you can help yourself with a batch file that you call instead of the exe directly:

@echo OFF

reg Query "HKLM\Hardware\Description\System\CentralProcessor\0" | find /i "x86" > NUL && set OS=32BIT || set OS=64BIT

if %OS%==32BIT start d:\Mp3tag_portable_32Bit\Mp3tag.exe
if %OS%==64BIT start d:\Mp3tag_portable_64Bit\Mp3tag.exe

Thank you for that really nice batch file.
That helps.

And yes, I have a zoo of hardware, among others there is a laptop that started with 32-bit-Windows 7 and now runs 32-bit-Windows 10
Some 32-bit-systems are necessary because also ancient hardware does not supply 64-bit-drivers or only drivers with very generic functions like our printer driver.

I was mainly aiming at the need to keep the configurations in sync on a protable installation - as I cannot define the configuration path, I would have the configuration files and actions in separate folders and I would have to take care myself to get modifications of the work environment of the one version to the other.
This will not be handled by the batch file, I think. Still, it makes the start easier. So thank you again.

You could use a sync-software which has options to work 2way and cares to have the newest file in both directory-trees.
With Freefileync together with its tool RealTimeSync you can create a command line and add it to your batch file as the first action. This would guarantee that whenever you start mp3tag with the batch file both folders for 32Bit and 64Bit get in sync.
Or you can trigger the configured sychronization between 2 foldertrees when inserting your portable drive.

It's probably easiest to copy and rename the 64-bit version to Mp3tag64.exe in your portable installation folder and use the batch file to distinguish between the two versions (which will then also use the same configuration).

Yes, thank you all for your ideas and contributions.
So, 2 portable installations, merged into 1 folder with a batch file to start looks like an easy way to reduce the bookkeeping of the modifcations.
And the good thing: all of this is available right now!