Portuguese translation missing strings


As of Mp3tag v2.93a, these are the untranslated strings for the Portuguese translation of Mp3tag.

/cc @Roshi, are you around?

_C_MNU_CON_TTT T&ag - Tag\tALT+5
_C_TT_TTT Tag - Tag
_C_WIZARD_TRACKS_DESC Assign track- and discnumbers
_C_WIZARD_TRACKS_DISC_BEGIN Begin at discnumber
_C_WIZARD_TRACKS_DISC_LEADINGZEROS Leading zeros for discnumbers (01, 02, ...)
_C_WIZARD_TRACKS_DISC_SAVETOTAL Save total count of discs
_M_STR_NEXT &Next >
_M_STR_PL_SAVEFILTER Playlist File (*.m3u)|*.m3u|Unicode Playlist File (*.m3u8)|*.m3u8||
_M_STR_UPDATE_OPT_CHECK_RELEASENOTES Display release notes for new versions


@Florian, yes, I'm here. Do you want me to translate these new strings?


Here you go.Portuguese-PT.zip (9.8 KB)


Great! Thank you :slight_smile:

I've noticed that you left out the strings that are new in Mp3tag v2.93a, so I've listed them above. Please also point out, if there isn't a translation for certain strings, e.g., "Tag - Tag" or "Normal" — I'll then ignore them.


I'll try to do that during the weekend.Normal in english has the same translation as in portuguese, and tag can be left like that.

P.S.: Translation updated. Hope everything is OK, my friend.
Portuguese-PT.zip (10.0 KB)