Possibility to export BPM?


I set about creating an export template to include the contents of the BPM tag field, but I discovered not all tags can be exported. Why is this? Is it possible to loop through files and export the BPM field along with other data? I searched the entire forum for "bpm" and was surprised to come up empty.

It would be most awesome indeed if all possible tag fields could be exported!


Which field did you try to export that you couldn't?
Anyway: use %bpm% to reference the contents of the BPM field.
Available fields can be seen in the online help
Plus you can export any user-defined field with the %user_field_name% syntax.

My mistake, thank you very much! I tried %_bpm% and %bpm%, but had a small typo on the latter, hence no output.

Thanks again! Now, on to formatting the output.. :slight_smile: