Possible action groups window "utils" button error

howdy y'all,

os = win7, sp1
mp3tag = 2.48d

=== apparent error #1
when i do the following ...

  • select a music file
  • open the action groups dialog
  • select [OR check OR both] any ONE action group in the list
  • click the "utils" button
  • select "save selection"

result = an MTG file that contains the names of ALL the action groups, each separated by either "\u000b0\u000b" or "\u000b1\u000b"

expected result = a file containing the contents of the selected action group [the same as the contents of the MTA file for that action group]

am i misunderstanding the intent of this function or is this a bug?

=== apparent error #2
if i check TWO or more action groups, the "save" choice is available but it does NOTHING at all. the "save selection" still works and still results in the exact same file as mentioned above.

=== apparent error #3
if i then uncheck all but one action group the "save" option of the "utils" button still is active ... and still does nothing. after the failure of "save" it becomes grayed out as it should have been.

items 2 & 3 seem to be bugs. item 1 may be a total misunderstanding on my part. [grin]

take care,

As I understand the contents of a MTG file (which is not written for the eyes of the Mp3tag user), it contains the list of Action Group entries by their file name and their associated selection markers at the time of saving.

Question 1:
Why are you interested in the contents of a MTG file?

Question 2:
Does the 'Utils' section do what it should do, or does it fail?

Question 3:
Why do you think, that what you expect will correlate with that, what the developer thought of what is reasonable?


howdy DetlevD,

i'm not so much interested in the mtg file contents as i am confused at what the 'utils/save-selection' item should do. in that context, i expected it to save the selected action groups to a file for later use - perhaps to import into another configuration, or for archiving or simply to share the set of action groups.

my expectation was not met. [grin]

plus, the 'utils/save' option certainly seems to be failing no matter what type of file it should be producing.

do you know how one uses the actual MTG file? what purpose does it fill?

take care,

Please read the Actions chapter in the help file.

howdy dano,

excellent! thank you so much. i've been misunderstanding the function pretty completely. [grin]

take care,