Possible bug in beta version


This is a little thing, but I thought it was worth bringing to your attention. When I used the save configuration option off the FILE menu, the ending message read as follows:

To reestablish your settings extract the file to "C:\Documents and Settings\djRickMitchell.DJRICKMITCHELL\Application Data\Mp3tag" and execute "Mp3tag.reg".

The Mp3tag.reg file is actually one hierarchy beyond the above location at:

"C:\Documents and Settings\djRickMitchell.DJRICKMITCHELL\Application Data\Mp3tag\Data"

Isn't that where you would want to extract it - overwriting the one that is there?

Just wondering.



You don't need to overwrite the Mp3tag.reg file. It's a file which contains the exported registry branch for Mp3tag and Mp3tag doesn't read any setting from this file during runtime. The settings will only get restored when executing this file.

Best regards,
~ Florian