Possible bug with Alt-1

This is a small problem I had with my Alt-1 script a while ago, where every time I ran it and refreshed, it would still say that some files were renamed. I mentioned this in another thread, in fact, and I think I've found the cause.

At the moment I am using this Alt-1 script:

%albumartist%\\%album%\$num(%discnumber%,1) $num(%track%,2)

This is the only one that renames ALL files successfully without "could not find file specified" reports, mainly caused by only one MP3 album where the tags are ridiculously long - I think it had something to do with limits of the path string length.

However, the first problem came up, and I tracked it down to an album called:

It seems that the Alt-1 script doesn't like periods in the end of the tag - when I renamed it so there were no periods at the end, then the problem went away. I also noticed that the resulting folder name ended with "a.i" - a missing period.

Just so you know.

In the change log you find an entry for V2.69 that deals with the dot (or several) in folder names.
If the filename is now also a victim of this behaviour ... as you say: a possible bug.