Possible mp3 overwriting by mp3tag?



I've got a general question about using mp3tag (now 2.39) in combination with mp3 players.
While tagging I listen to music via Foobar2000.

Well, and now I found some mp3s in my library that are not okay... they have been messed up.
They have lately been tagged with mp3tag and while doing that, i have listened to other mp3s over Foobar2000.

I'll do an example for better explanation:

I tag "Song 1" while listening to "Song 2". Now I recognize, that "Song 1" still has the same length and even the same filesize as before, BUT within the "Song 1" there now is the audio of "Song 2".

I don't know exactly if that matches, and I don't know if this may be a problem of the NTFS filesystem, that I'm using on my external harddrive. Are there any known bugs concerning this issue?

It's really kinda strange, as it only occurs on some albums and not even on all tracks on that album! I was just wondering if there could be a problem with the combination of those two programs...

I haven't had any other serious problems with mp3tag yet, though... :unsure:

Any kind of help would be highly appreciated, as I don't want my whole collection to be messed up!


I don't think that this can be caused by Mp3tag. Unfortunately, I have no real suggestion to resolve this problem.

Kind regards,