Possible new function??

I have used ID3-Tagit and this/your software for quite sometime now, lately ID3-tagit, seems to
crash on a regular basis. (Not your problem I know)

I use a function within ID3-tagit which I find invaluable, but is sadly missing in MP3Tag.

This function is the "Find/Replace" function within the edit sub-menu. I use it to find common
errors, such as "[" and "]", using this function, I can brush stroke change these errors out and
replace them with "(" and ")" in one fell swoop.

Is it possible for you to add/make this minor change to your software.

Much appreciated in anticipation

The Mp3tag concept is a little diffrent:
you filter for the files you want to treat (which is a sort of bulk-find), then you apply an action or a converter or whatever on these files. So it is "same same, only different".

Sorry, I didn't make my suggestion clear enough, though I have tried your solution.

My request was this.....

What I want to do, is to search the MP3 Tag data on the individual MP3's for certain criteria such as:

Search the "Artist" column for example, for "Snoop Dogg Ft. Lady Gaga" and be able to change this, "en-bulk" to "Snoop Dogg (Ft Lady Gaga)


Search the "Filename" column for example, for "[" or "]" and change these square brackets to "(" and ")"

This function was extremely useful in ID3-Tagit and was under the Edit sub menu as Find/Replace. using this function, I could search specifically, for "[" and then replace all occurrences with "(" without actually having to manipulate each individual file manually as your suggestion works
I do thank you for your suggestion though, as this is yet another function I have not previously used.

My question is, do you/are you able to include this change within MP3Tag?


I have managed to create the function I need myself, by using the "Case Conversion" sub menu, creating actions I wanted, to work in the specific way I wanted, but as a multi-function as opposed to individual functions.

Thanks for your suggestion, it made me think outside the box and I kinda stumbled across the solution I needed

I know what a search and replace function is and I know what your request was.

So perhaps I didn't make my reply clear enough:

When you use a "Search/Replace" you hardly have any control how many hits you will get.
The filter on the other hand shows you just that (Mp3tag has a statusbar for that): you see how many items match the filter criteria.
You can then apply the replace action or the converter or whatever.

The approach with filters also allows you to use more than one criterion as you can use logic operators like AND, NOT, OR - something you can hardly achieve with a simple find.

Using an action of the type "Replace" or even "Replace with regular expression" as part of an action group helps you to automate your tagging much more than a simple find/replace that has to be run prior or after an action. Also, you cannot store recurring search terms in the simple find/replace dialogue.

It would have been interesting to see what you did in the "case conversion sub menu" - I am not quite sure what that is and whether you refer to the actions menu.

I must apologise, my last reply/post was written in a hurry, as I was due at an appointment. When I re-read it, I must admit, it sounded a little terse, that was not my intention.

You are interested what I did.... I did use the "actions" function within the case conversion sub menu, and I did work out that I could create a custom action and work out that these function could do more than one action at a time, so now I have all the functions, my original suggestion was asking for, but more.. A very useful and insightful thing to build into your software, congratulations and admirations

Over the years I accumulated a whole of rules like these that you mention. Most of them I implement manually as they require careful oversight. But those common / easy ones I treat with cleaning action group. As of today it consists of 200 actions [steps], that take care of common mistakes / typos like removal of white spaces or placement of a missing space before a bracket sign

So most of the time I do not look for something wrong, I just periodically use my cleaning action group. And as for those other errors, I simply correct them when I spot them