Possible Suggestions


I really like your program. It makes tagging really easy, and I now always have the correct artwork.

Just a few possible suggestions:

  1. Would it be possible to make a default tag "template" that you could apply to a list of files. What I mean by this is that I tend to keep my tags fairly simple; artist, album, track number genre and a couple of others. When you download files from the internet they often come with a lot more of the tags filled in, such as band websites and how they were encoded. Is it possible to have a template that you could apply to a set of files that clears every tag in that file apart from the ones you specify?

  2. Perhaps this is a long shot, but would it be possible for Mp3tag to retrieve information for a number of albums from a specific source without the need for the user to select the albums from a list? For example, i have around 6 Beatles albums on my computer. What i would like to be able to do is select them all at the same time, and then retrieve the tag information that is first on the list from Amazon. This saves having to highlight each album in turn and then go through the menu process. I appreciate this is probably quite a job but it might be useful in the future.

  3. Finally, leading on from 2, would it be possible for the program to produce a list of all the song titles it has changed during an update process? For example, if you have an album that you have retrieved from Itunes it will have much of the tag data already put into it. When running Mp3tag it might only change one or two song titles (perhaps due to punctuation). It would be nice to see what has been changed. this might also help to highlight errors, such as a hidden track throwing the track order off.

Thanks for listening.