Possible to Convert FLAC to ALAC or MP3 with Mp3Tag?

Curious if it's possible to convert the actual file format. I'm appreciative of any help in advance!


No, MP3tag is a tagger for the tag data, not for the audio data.
You would need a different program for format conversions.

But you can somewhat integrate them with Mp3tag by using the

Tools > Options > Tools

feature, where you can add piece of software to which you can send files straight from selections done in Mp3tag

I myself have counterparts of those Tools in my file manager FreeCommander, which makes it quick and convenient to convert my files

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@Zerow look no further than foobar2000

Scripted file renaming (much like mp3tag) the way you'll like it too!

Don't be intimidated by the "command line encoders" bit. I'm pretty sure it's all available as "plugins" which you just copy into the program folder (e.g. ./plugins/flacEnoder.dll ; ./plugins/lame.exe ; etc) which you would get from that same web site, and .zip extract as desired.