Possible to randomize track number assignment?

I would like to assign random track numbers to a collection of tracks; is that possible? So is I have 100 tracks in view, I would like those tracks to be numbered from 1-100, but not as a result of sorting by time or alphabetically or other characteristics.

See View>Columns>Sort by .. random.

When you use the Auto Numbering Wizard (Ctrl-K), it applies track numbers in the order displayed on screen. So if you use ohrenkino's advice on how to randomize your tracks, then apply Ctrl-K, you will have... random track numbers!

I don't know what the OP wants to do with that random order.
You could also save the randomized sequence in a playlist so that you do not have to modify the field TRACK ...

Thank you very much; the answer was right in front of me.

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