pre-purchase question

if i buy........

will it batch-fetch cover art for my entire (over 60GB) mp3 library?

also, will it place individual (i.e. "cover.jpg") files in each respective folder?

This program (Mp3tag) we are discussing here is Freeware.

You must be talking about another version / program.

The current version of Mp3tag is v2.75 and not V9.0 as in your profile

Edit: Do you mean this program by any chance ?

Oh. i have Pro installed.

will the free version do that?

I don't think Pro product is at all related to mp3tag (this forum). And as far as I know, mp3tag will not automatically add artwork to your entire library.

For a program that will automatically add art (in cover.jpg or embedded), consider PerfectTunes by Illustrate (maker of dBpoweramp).

I wonder if any program could ever do that as the number of hits would definitely depend on the quality of the tags. It would be an absolute miracle if the tags would exactly match the text under which artwork is archived.
But I am open to see a pleasant surprise.

I have the program for other purposes (checking lossless rips against the AccurateRip database, post rip). But I've tried the album art function on a subset of my albums and it worked amazingly well. My tags are pretty good however. (but note that a future version will also automatically add tags!). One thing to keep in mind....the checking against AccurateRip is not based on tags at all. It's based on track lengths and audio content of the file as compared back against the AR database that contains millions of albums that have been ripped. Not sure if the Album Art is based on the same thing as the AR check (whereby tags wouldn't be needed).

can you guys vouch for perfectunes?

i'm considering buying it, but messing up my library would be a Grecian tragedy.

Here is their Forum maybe ask there ?

Edit: Maybe before you start messing with your Library you should 1st start making backups.

Personally I have a Library of 100++Gb and I have at least Four Backups of it, 2x on 2 Different NAS and 2 on Removable HDD's

yeah, got a backup.

wouldn't asking product opinions on their forum be a little biased, perhaps? :wink:

was just fielding opinions from people who've had experience with it.

Maybe it's biased, but asking opinions with another program on this website (which is about the Freeware Mp3tag) will also not impartial (IMO).

Maybe ask the question again in the Offtopic forum (/c/off-topic-international and see where that leads to ?

Good Luck

Ps: Have you tried this Mp3tag ?

is there a page that explains how to do it with the free mp3tag?

Have you read Post Nr5 in this topic ? The one from Ohrenkino ?

I use it and it works well. But I'd NEVER do anything to my library without having backups (multiple backups!). It may have a trial period. If so, download and use on a small subset of your library to see how it works, learn its options, etc. it has "undo" options within the Album Art, but again, Backups, Backups, Backups!

yeah, i tried the unregistered version, that won't actually commit anything.
thinking of buying it.
but wanna make sure it won't screw anything up. <_<

How can it screw anything up if you have good backups. If you use something on your library, decide it was a complete mess, you just restore from a backup and you're back in business. But I'd test on a copy of 20 or 30 of your albums first, just to play with it a bit and get and understanding of how it works. And I bought the program and don't even really care about the album art. It is worth it to me to be able to do AccurateRip checks of my lossless data, post rip (and I often do this after I copy files to a new backup HDD).