Prefered genres also on external boot

hey there!

1st for all, Love the app!!

I installed it on my micro sd card that's in my mp3 player.
That means i boot it from there.
Works perfect!

Only 1 thing... is there a possibility to manage the prefered music genres?

f.e. when i hit the Drum & Bass genre i have some sub genres in it ...
i give these specific names:

  • Drum & Bass / Darkstep
  • Drum & Bass / Roller
  • Drum & Bass / Halfstep
  • Drum & Bass / Breakz

I know it's possible when installed on your computer.
As a user we can make a list of our own prefered genres

But when i installed it on the Sd card it doesn't seem to work anymore.

Is there a way it's possible?

Grtz Nico

You have to install MP3tag with a portable installation that saves all settings in the installation folder (here: on the sd card).
If you install it the "standard" way, then all settings stay in the appdata folder on the local computer.

Edit: if you have a look at the data folder of MP3tag, you may find a file
This file contains user-defined genres as set in Tools>Options>Genres
Copy this file to a temporary location, install MP3tag as portable application, then copy the
into the data folder of the portable installation.
Like this you should get your user-defined genres.

oh ok was a bit too quick with installing in the 1st place.
Thx for the quick reply! will try this asap.

EDIT: This works perfect now! Sry for the noobness here. Thx a bunch!