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In Mp3tag, filters only work on loaded files. It would be nice if there were an option to filter the loading process or have a way to load the tags only in the current filter. I currently have nearly 3000 mp3 files.

I'd also like to be able to filter on extension and even be able to work on filetypes that do not support tags just to use the file cleanup routines.

I've found this program far superior to Magic File Renamer which allows only full filename filtering before loading and only loads tags as needed. It does not accomodate the viewing of tags at all and has some serious bugs. The killer was not being able to blank the track number in v5.02. It doesn't have an equivalent of the TagFile, but has two simple textfile approaches that Mp3tag doesn't have. There is a Case Exception file and a Replacement File. RegEx works only on filenames and it is not freeware!

Right-click Logic

You can disable tag reading with the option Load tags when using arrow-keys/single mouse click at Options, General. This will definitly speed up the loading process.

A perload filter and editing unsupported files is not planned.

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~ Florian


The danger here is that the program doesn't load all the tags of selected files and the program wipes out the portion of unloaded tags. I would call that a bug wouldn't you? I just selected all on a small directory and changed one field. Only the first and last retained the rest of the tag! Please automatically load tags before writing to them!!!!!! When I discovered that destructive behavior I permanently unchecked "Don't load tags at directory change." You need a safer choice "Load tags as files are selected." Also "Undo" did not restore my wiped-out tags.


I'm not sure if this is a bug because people will get what they asked for, when they don't read the tags via File, Read Tags.

But I've changed this in the latest Development Build to load the tags automatically when selecting the files.

~ Florian


Thanks! The program is much faster now on those 200-file CD-size directories. I recommend now checking all three tag-loading/saving checkboxes on the general tab. Without "[] Load tags when using ..." checked you get a strange behavior. The tag is loaded, but doesn't replace the last one to occupy the editing window. :angry: I would think that would potentially enable the accidental saving of a tag to the wrong file!

Kopie_von_genres.ini.txt (11.6 KB)

Kopie_von_genres.ini.txt (11.6 KB)